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World Vision proactively provided its audit report and annual report and support high transparency. These reports are available on the website for public assess.
Audit report clearly stated the salaries of staff of different departments so that we can grouped the frontline staff cost under program expense and fundraising expense.
Total income was about $920m
High fundraising efficiency that the cost of raising every $100 was about $3.5
Fundraising expense was about 3.5% of total expenditure only
Programme expense including local public education, ministry and fund transferred to head office for international aid, was about 94% of total expenditure
Administrative staff cost and administrative expenses were 1.6% and 0.6% of total expenditure
Most of the fund was spent on programs and the administrative expense was low
It had a very tiny surplus during the year and had ~$88.5m cash and investment in hand
Fund allocations for Africa, Asia, Middle East & Eastern Europe, and Latin America were 52%, 42%, 4% and 2%
Programs includes community development, children sponsorship, education & training, and water and sanitation

The charity proactively provided the latest audited financial statements and annual report
Supporting high transparency, which is commendable
Audited reports stated the simple figures of program expense fundraising expense, and administrative expense without detail breakdown
Staff cost was classified clearly under various departments (fundraising, programs and administration)
Major source of income was donation ~HKD902m
High fundraising efficiency that cost of raisin every $100 was about $3
Program expense (including program staff costs), fundraising expense, back office staff costs and administrative expense were about 94%, 3%, 2% and 1% of total expenditure respectively
Most of the fund was used on programs
Cash in hand was about HKD83m which can support ~1.5 months operation
Recorded a minor surplus
The organisation enjoys economies of scale
Annual reports provides simple statistics on programs
Donors will be able to understand the use of donation if the organisation can disclose more detail breakdown of program expense and administrative expense

Proactively provided the links to latest annual report and audited financial statement and supporting high transparency
Annual donation income was about HKD800m, and gift in kind was about HKD90m
High fundraising efficiency that the cost of raising every $100 was about $3.7
Fundraising expense was about 3.3% of total expenditure
Project expense, salaries and administrative expense were bout 94%, 2% and less than 1% of total expenditure
Recorded minor surplus
Cash in hand was about HKD87m which can support only 1.2 months of operation and project expense, or 20 months of Hong Kong branch operation if no fund were spent on projects
Good control of operation expense with high efficiency
Running over 340 projects in 42 countries and the top three countries with most projects were China, India and Africa
47% of projects were in Asia, and 41% were in Africa
Service include disaster relief, food, education, water and sanitation etc.

Proactively provided the latest audit report, and made it available on the website
Supporting high transparency which is commendable
Directors' report is also available in the audit report, which has detail analysis on key financials, and the works completed during the year, which showed the organisation is responsible to the public donors
Annual donation income was over HKD900m
Hong Kong office is a fund raising branch with very effective fund raising efficiency
The cost of every $100 was about $3
Fund raising expense, project expense, staff cost and administrative expense accounted for 3%, 95%, 1% and 1% of total expenditure respestively
Fund raising cost and project expense had already included relevant staff cost
Staff cost only included cost of administrative staffs
Enjoyed economies of scale with relatively low administrative expense
Cash on hand was about HKD84m which can support 36 days of operation and project cost or around 16 months of operation (excluding project cost spending, and taking into account local office expenses only)
Annual report showed that Hong Kong donation was spent in Asia (50%), Africa (37%) and Middle East & Eastern Europe (11%)
There are 325 projects all over the world in 2015
Donation raised in Hong Kong supported 220,000 children, trained 14,100 Indians in community health care, provided seeds for 2500 people to do agriculture for a living, built 200 water tanks etc. More detail services statistics are available on the annual report

- Hong Kong office is a fund-raising branch
- Effective fund-raising (cost $3 to raise every $100)
- Received over $700million donation
- Fund-raising costs, project expense and administrative costs were about 3% , 95% and 2% of total expenditure
- Enjoyed economies of scale with relatively low administrative costs
- Salaries was included in administrative costs, project costs or fundraising costs

核查日期:April 7, 2019

Fund Needs
Fund-raising efficiency
Fund-raising expenses
Project expense
Staff salaries
Administrative expenses


To consider disclosing more information and details on audit report and annual report such as breakdown of program expense and administrative expense, the profiles, photos or even social platform accounts of board of directors, advisors and staffs

Very efficient and may share the experiences with other organisations.

Very efficient and effective overall. May consider sharing its fundraising methods and resources management experiences with other local organisations

- To upload the full version of the annual report and audit report
- To consider listing staff salaries and administrative costs in foreign countries
- To describe how to avoid donation to be held up by the local government administers
- To put more detailed description of the projects funded by Hong Kong
- To provide number of people benefit from Hong Kong fund
- To share the fund-raising experiences with local charitable organizations.

Charity Information

(Provide by the organisation) World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organisation working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As followers of Jesus, we are dedicated to working with the world's most vulnerable people. World Vision was established by Dr. Bob Pierce, an American Journalist, in 1950. At present, we are working in nearly 100 countries. World Vision focuses on children because when they are fed, sheltered, schooled, protected, valued, and loved, a community thrives.


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