World Children’s Fund

- Low fund-raising efficiency - cost of raising every $100 was $47
- Total fund-raising expense was 39% of total expenditure
- Project costs, staff salaries and administrative expenses were about 49%, 1% and 11% of total expenditure
- Major project expense and gifts on Asia projects
- Low staff cost - all staffs were volunteers
- Low administrative costs
- Recorded deficit for the year
- Cash in hand can support 7-8 months operation
- No audit report on website - The public don’t know the project details and service statistics.

核查日期:Nov. 3, 2018

Fund Needs
Fund-raising efficiency
Fund-raising expenses
Project expense
Staff salaries
Administrative expenses


- To contain statistical data on website or annual report
- To provide project information so that the public have better understandings of the operating status
- To set up a website in Chinese will help to promote the charity or even raise public donation
- To improve fund-raising efficiency so that more resources can directly help children in need.

Charity Information

- Operated as a volunteer organizations with global networks </br> - To care and fund the children, war refugees and disaster victims

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