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the orgnisation proactively provided the latest audit report, and making all the historical audit reports available to the public ont the website
supporting high transparency which is commendable
since there was no fundraising expense, we cannot assess its fundraising efficiency and therefore no rating is available
Program expense, salaries and administrative expense were about 32%, 50%, and 12% of total expenditure
Cash in hand was about HKD3.37m which can support operation for 4 months
According to the statistic on the website, it has matched over 15,000 pairs of students and voluntary tutors.
it also operates preschool classes

The audit reports purchased from the company registry was for the year ended March 31, 2012
The name of the organisation was not changed back then, and it was called Equal Opportunities Educational Fund
Since there was no disclosure of fundraising expense, no rating was available
The organisation is small in size and donation was the major source of income(~$900,000)
Project expense, salaries and administrative expense were about 20%, 58% and 21%
Very good control of expense as the total annual expense was only ~$280,000
Recorded a surplus of $680,000
Cash in hand was about $50,000
Online monthly newsletter stating the names of students and tutors, the matching and number of students and tutors, past activities and future plan, which are simple and clear
As of Jan 2014, there were 2840students and 3249 voluntary tutors

核查日期:April 24, 2019

Fund Needs
Fund-raising efficiency
Fund-raising expenses
Project expense
Staff salaries
Administrative expenses


To consider disclosing the number of staffs and the proportion of program staffs and administrative staff

To support high transparency and upload the latest annual audit report to the website

Charity Information

To provide tutoring services to underprivileged students and youth in Hong Kong


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