Tin Yan Charity

Small in scale
Annual income and expenditure were less than $600,000
Charity sales efficiency was fair
Cost of raising every $100 was about $25
Fund raising expense was about 14% of total expenditure
Project expense, salaries and administrative expense were about 24%, 35% and 25% of total expenditure
Project expense was considered a low level
Salaries should have included front line staff cost
Record a surplus
Cash in hand can support operation for 1-2 months
Latest news is available on the website but there is no service statistics on the website
Media reported volunteers of this organization acted as disabilities by sitting on the wheelchair and raised fund on the street on Dec 30, 2011
Organisation then posted the audit reports of past 3 years online

核查日期:Nov. 3, 2018

Fund Needs
Fund-raising efficiency
Fund-raising expenses
Project expense
Staff salaries
Administrative expenses


To consider spend more on programs
To state the service statistics
To avoid having volunteers sitting on wheelchairs to do fund raising in the future so as to gain back confidence from the public

Charity Information

To promote voluntary work to everyone</br> To assist in fund raising for large charities</br> To help people in need by providing daily food and accessories, and home visiting</br> To organize activities for elderly and disabilities including birthday party, tours, and wheelchair maintenance referral etc.


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