Habitat for Humanity China

(2014) - Proactively uploaded and provided the latest annual report, which has a 1 page financial summary
- Transparency has been improved from no report to making report available to the public
- No disclosure of fundraising expense and staff cost, therefore, no estimation of fundraising efficiency can be done. So no rating is available
- Major source of funding was corporation donation(~HK$9.3m) and international raised income (~HK$9.8m)
- Project expense and administrative expenses were about 78% and 7% of total expenditure
- Education & Public awareness expense was about 15% of total expenditure
- Project expense should have included frontline and back office staffs
- Budget balance and cash in hand can support operation for about 1.3 months
- Statistics and details of homes completed, people helped and building projects in various areas in China (Yunnan, Sichuan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangxi and Guangdong) are stated on the annual report, which allows the public to understand the work of the organisation. (2010) - No rating - no disclosure of fund-raising costs
- Project costs, staff salaries and administrative expenses of total expenditure were about 63%, 23% and 15%
- Indicating most of the contributions were used for charitable projects
- Good control in administrative costs
- Project expenditures were mainly construction costs
- No separation between front-line staff and administrative costs
- Recorded a surplus
- Cash in hand can support operation for 3 months

核查日期:Nov. 3, 2018

Fund Needs
Fund-raising efficiency
Fund-raising expenses
Project expense
Staff salaries
Administrative expenses


To consider to disclose the fundraising expense, staff costs and financial details of various projects, and how it monitor the fund flow in China;
To consider to reopen a Facebook page so that the public know the latest project and progress of the organisation

Charity Information

It advocates to improve access to decent and affordable shelter, and strive to help families in disaster-prone areas through home building, rehabilitation and repairs.</br> Its works in more than 70 countries and welcomes people of all races, religions and nationalities to partner in its mission.</br> Since 1976 Habitat has helped more than 6.8 million people through house construction projects.</br> Two programs includes</br> (1) Global Village: it offers volunteers the opportunity to take part in “hands-on” construction or renovation of houses in over 40 countries around the world. Volunteers build or repair houses for those whose homes have been affected by natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes. </br> (2) Project Home Works: </br> Project Home Works targets to help low income families, the elderly and the physically disabled in Hong Kong by providing them with house repairing services.



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