Giving Love Elderly

Only audit report for 2009 was available
Audit report for year 2010 and 2011 are not available yet
Audited reports of fund raising events in 2011 are available online
High fund raising efficiency through lottery ticket sales and public subscription
Cost of raising every$100 was $5
Fund raising expense was about 4% of total expenditure
Project expense, salaries and administrative expense were 7%, 19% and 69% of total expenditure
Very limited amount of donation was spent on projects
Advertising expense was grouped in administrative expenditure and contributed over 50% of total expenditure
Recorded a deficit
Cash in hand can support operation for less than 1 month
Service information, latest activities and details of courses are available on the website but there is no service statistic

核查日期:Nov. 3, 2018

Fund Needs
Fund-raising efficiency
Fund-raising expenses
Project expense
Staff salaries
Administrative expenses


To consider spend more on programs
To state the service statistics

Charity Information

To serve the elderly</br> To organize activities for elderly and assist them to build self-confidence

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