City Heroes

No donation or other income in 2010
Total expenditure was about $8,000 that were minimum administrative expense including audit fee and secretarial fee etc.
A dormant organisation with no operation
Cash in hand was less than $2,000
In 2009, there was $35,000 donation income
Project expense was about 35% (~$15,000) of total expenditure
No paid staff
Incorporated to raise fund for a unique photo exhibition by Leong Ka Tai
The exhibition showed a series of 40 portraits under the theme of "City Heroes"
The exhibition was held in different areas in Hong Kong in Apr 2003

核查日期:Nov. 4, 2018

Fund Needs
Fund-raising efficiency
Fund-raising expenses
Project expense
Staff salaries
Administrative expenses


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Charity Information

First photo exhibition with the theme of 'City Heroes' in Hong Kong</br> To inspire and impart to all those who visit the show the spirit of determination, the will to succeed and the depth of generosity</br> It emphasized that the real heroes of Hong Kong are not the rich and famous, but the everyman of society</br> Leong Ka Tai is an award winning professional photographer and has published numerous books in Asia and Europe and has exhibited his work in Denmark, the US, and Singapore.


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