The Hong Kong Christian Kun Sun Association

The charity proactively provided the latest annual report (with summary of audit report) and detail notes about fundraising events and donation income
Total donation income was about HKD12m and major source of income were personal donation and church donation
There were two fundraising events - photos competition and anniversary dinner, and the fundraising cost for raising every $100 were $4.3 and $31.3 respectively
If excluding the cost of anniversary dinner, the cost of raising every $100 was $9.4
Fundraising expense was about $170,000 which was about 2% of total expenditure
Program expense was about $5m which was about 67% of total expenditure
Program expense included the missionary frontline staff costs (~$2.84m), Staff cost and administrative expense were 14% and 8% of total expenditure
It recorded a surplus of ~HK5m, which was an one off donation or purchasing a female dormitory. If excluding this one off non-recurring donation, the operation surplus was only about $300,000, which can support 0.5 month operation
Detail statistics of missionary works were printed on the annual report

Proactively provided the latest annual report which contains detail breakdown of income instatement and summary of audit report
Supporting high transparency and being responsible to the public, which is commendable
Public donation was the major source of income (~$2.2m) and church contribution is the second major income source
Good fundraising efficiency that the cost of raising every $100 in fundraising event was only about $7
Cost of fundraising was less than 2% of total expenditure
Annual report stated that the direct program expense (including frontline staff cost) was about 75% of total expenditure
Salaries of non-program staffs and administrative expense were about 2% and 23% of total expenditure
Recorded a minor deficit
Cash in hand was about $1.26m which can support operation for 2 months
Services include prison ministry and training center operation etc. Details and statistic of services provided are stated on annual report

Annual report 2010 showed the audited financial statement for the year ended December 31, 2009
Recorded a serious deficit
Major source of income was donation
No government subvention
No rating is available because of no breakdown of expenses
All expenses were grouped under administrative expense
Cash in hand at the end of March 2010 could support about 7 months operation
Served more than 45,000 people time in total

核查日期:Nov. 3, 2018

Fund Needs
Fund-raising efficiency
Fund-raising expenses
Project expense
Staff salaries
Administrative expenses


The charity provides notes on two fundraising events, missionary staff cost and the designated use of the one off donation, so that the public has a better understanding of the use of donation and its operation. This sets a good example for other charities.

Detail breakdown of income and expense, including frontline staffs cost were clearly stated on the annual report, allowing the public to understand the current status and needs of the charity, which is an excellent improvement and commendable. Recorded deficit in past 2 years, the organisation may have to consider expanding income sources.

To consider showing the breakdown of expenditure so that the public will understand the operation and needs better

Charity Information

To help prisoners, rehabilitated persons and their families experience a rebuilding of life and reconciliation through proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ </br> Services include Alpha in prisons, letter ministry, music ministry, home visit, fellowship, and soccer team, and vocational training etc.


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