The Boys’ & Girls’ Club Association of Hong Kong

No rating- no disclosure of fund-raising costs
75-year history
More than 941,600 children and youths made use of the range of services in 2009-2010
Rely mainly on government funding
Offers various packages, integrated service centers and kindergartens
Have outreach teams and school social workers
Administrative costs were about 15% of total expenditure, the ratio was reasonable
Although staff salaries was about 70%; services and proportion of the expenditure were set out in Annual Report carefully
Most employees included in project expenses, thus it was 85% of the total expenditure, in which about 62% was used on Children and Youth Services and individual counseling
Recorded a surplus
Annual report clearly expressed content of expenditures

核查日期:Nov. 4, 2018

Fund Needs
Fund-raising efficiency
Fund-raising expenses
Project expense
Staff salaries
Administrative expenses


To list fund-raising costs so that the public can understand the agency's fund-raising efficiency, and overall ratings
To share experiences, resources, or organize events with other organizations which help young people, and assist other agencies to develop and grow

Charity Information

To Pay attention to balancing the mind and body development of children and youths </br> To help children and youths achieve self-understanding, develop their potential as well as independent and critical thinking</br> Help children learn to get along with people, take care of family and handle problems arising school or work environment </br> To nurture children and youths into good citizens, improve their knowledge on social, national and world affairs </br> Enhance their awareness on civil rights, obligations and responsibilities </br> Encourage them to make use of their civil rights, fulfil their civic duty and obligation, and contribute to social progress using their expertise </br> To promote children and young people's harmonious relationship with family members To help family members understand and fulfil their roles and responsibilities.


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