Advancement Academy

Small in scale
Annual income and expenditure were about $260,000 and $210,000
No rating is available because of no disclosure of fund raising
Project expense and administrative expenditure was 96% and 4%
No salary paid and should be run by volunteers
Recorded a surplus
Cash in hand can support operation for 1 year
Provided scholarship to students with dyslexia or long term illness

核查日期:Nov. 3, 2018

Fund Needs
Fund-raising efficiency
Fund-raising expenses
Project expense
Staff salaries
Administrative expenses


To consider stating the fund raising expense
To consider expand the services so that more people will be benefit

Charity Information

To memorialize AA in the form of serving students with dyslexia or long term illness and their family Services include talks, counselling, visiting tour to China, and scholarship Footprints of AA including his testimonies, funeral and book are also available on the website to encourage people

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