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Operational efficiency in 2010 was better than the previous year
No idle capital
Once the latest audited report is available on the website, iDonate tried to update the information.
Total income increased approximately 35% compared to last year
Expenditures increased more than 3 folds from $290,000 to $1.27million Organisation might be expanding its services
Project expenses and staff salaries were 19% and 66% of total expenditures, salary includes front-line staff
Report did not describe salary ratio of front-line to administrative staff, but report showed that 80% were project staff
Fund-raising costs and project expenditures have significantly improved over the previous year, accounting for 8% and 15% of total expenditure
Fund-raising efficiency still not ideal
Recorded a small deficit
Substantial increase in operating expenses
Cash held sufficient for 17 months of operations in 2010
Served about 14,000 people throughout the year

核查日期:Nov. 3, 2018

Fund Needs
Fund-raising efficiency
Fund-raising expenses
Project expense
Staff salaries
Administrative expenses


To increase proportion of public donations in total revenue, and enhance fund-raising efficiency
To consider ways to reveal the statistics of people served clearly
To expand to achieve economies of scale
To learn how to raise funds from other charitable organizations which have high effectiveness in fund raising

Charity Information

Committed in engaging the sex industry in Hong Kong to provide assistance and support to women, from Hong Kong, China, Thailand, the Philippines and other areas </br> Committed to promoting the social inclusion of sex workers, so that they can enjoy equal treatment to all legal and health rights </br> The agency is a member of the Women's Coalition and Hong Kong AIDS Service Organizations Alliance </br> Believes that individual freedom, dignity and basic human rights should be protected and promoted for social progress </br> Society needs to accommodate social differences, and promote social harmony, so that everyone can enjoy basic human rights


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