About Us

We believe

+ Every penny donated by public should be used effectively

+ Online platform can promote transparency and good deeds

+ Professional knowledge can be applied in meaningful ways and bring contributions to the community

We use

+ Audit reports to understand operational efficiency and financial needs of charities

+ Website to publish rating information for public reference in order to donate confidently

+ Social platform to connect the public, charities and commercial corporations so as to promote good deeds

We do not

- Measure social impact because it is not reflected in audit reports

- Contact every charity to obtain non-public additional information

We hope

+ Collective wise giving and good deeds of seven millions people will turn the World to a better place

We, as citizens, use knowledge and skills to provide information in the public space for public reference. To be independent, we do not hold any position in any charity. We are operated under a private company structure.

Charities are welcome to send the audit reports to info@theidonate.com or contact us through Facebook Page. We provide free introduction, rating and recommendation.